Wheelchair Lower Back Stretches

4 Lower-Back Stretches for Wheelchair Users

Wheelchair users are no strangers to the soreness can happen in the lower back. However, with a few modified yoga positions, you can help alleviate some of the worst symptoms. Since January is all about resolving to better yourself, Lift and Transfer Specialists would like to share a few of these stretches with you:  Read more

Wife With Husband in Wheelchair

3 Ways to Advocate for Accessibility

If you or a loved one are a wheelchair user, you’ve probably had your fair share of frustrations when it comes to accessibility in public spaces. That’s why Lift and Transfer Specialists encourages you to make a New Year’s Resolution to spread awareness. By telling your or your loved one’s story, we can increase knowledge of what it’s like to live with a disability. Read more

Residential Ramp

Preparing for Your Ramp Installation

At Lift and Transfer Specialists, we’ve had the great privilege of being able to install countless ramps, stairlifts and ceiling tracks. If you’re planning on a ramp installation in the near future, we’d like to offer you these tips to prepare for our arrival in advance: Read more


How it all started: The Stairlift

A stairlift is one of the most elegant tools we have to safely transfer someone from one story to another when they have limited mobility. This device has been aiding others for centuries, but did you know that the history of this device goes all the way back to Renaissance England?

The first recorded use of a stairlift was by King Henry VIII. History remembers him as the monarch who married six times and started the Church of England. However, his love of jousting also contributed to the creation of the first stairlift. Read more

Going to the Mall

Going to the Mall During the Holidays: It Can Be Done

Crowded shopping malls are difficult to navigate during the hectic holiday season, but they can be even more difficult for wheelchair users. Distracted fellow shoppers will sometimes bump into, trip or otherwise jostle you. If you plan on venturing out to your area shopping center, reduce some of your frustration with these helpful tips from Lift and Transfer Specialists: Read more

Smiling Man in Wheelchair in His Own Kitchen

Praise for the Surehands Body Support

For decades, a Surehands Lift and Care System with the revolutionary Surehands Body Support has been  providing assistance for patients and preventing potential injury for caregivers. With a comfortable design, it has helped them maintain personal independence while delivering endless support. Hear why our clients have put their trust in Surehands Lift and Care Systems: Read more